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Disabled Veteran Owned and Operated Business

A Champion continuing to surge. A desire to become a Champion. Looking to rediscover success and the taste of being a Champion?

  • ​A Champion continuing to surge? 
  • A Desire to become a Champion?
  • Looking to rediscover success and the taste of being a Champion?​
  • 3 areas your organization does well, 3 areas needing a fix?
  • Do you have the resident skill sets and senior executive expertise to create a comprehensive and unvarnished Champion development process matching your expectations?

Let us get your team fit to climb and develop your Summit Route! Contact our team for a free 45-minute consultation (719) 663-4808. Also, find me on LinkedIn.

Mark D. Scraba
President and CEO, 29K Leaders

​​You know the foundational processes and solutions required for your organization to ascend to the Championship Summit; but daily demands challenge your ability find the strategic space to formulate your campaign plan.  You need an unfiltered outside force to coach, mentor and assist you in instilling a championship acumen into your organization.

Who Can Benefit from our Team

Any organization committed to building a winning team and a desire to climb to the Championship Summit.

Our Value to Leaders

We are a sounding board, conducting assessments, providing best practices, developing your team, leveraging your presence, helping you build a championship culture, through a veteran owned and operated company.

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Let us help you craft, hone and implement this Championship edge. We are A Force For Excellence. We made it to the top by winning.  We are all about winning. We are experts at building Championship Teams!

We're Here To Climb With You

Our Niche Areas of Expertise Include:

  • Organizational Assessment, Design, Vision

  • Building A Championship Culture 

  • Executive Team Building and Resilience

  • Leader Development and Coaching

  • Strategic Planning

  • Business Development

  • Transformation and Change

  • International Operations and Global Affairs

  • Partnerships and Alignment

  • Negotiation Strategies

  • Crisis Management and Risk Mitigation

  • Developing the Strategic Edge

  • The People Edge; Wholeness and Wellness

  • Nonprofit Organization 

  • GIVING BACK:  Shaping Our Youth and the At Risk; Investing in Our Military Heroes and Their Families  

29KLeaders' Services

What We Do for You

We climb side by side with you to reengineer your organization, build a winning team, refine strategies, leverage efficiencies, streamline decision making, surge you to the Championship Summit.