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We Believe WHOLENESS is the core leadership edge, BALANCE keeps you grounded and TEAM STRENGTH is the most powerful organizational commodity.

Coaching Leaders

A central feature of 29K is coaching leaders as they confront the day to day HOW TO of establishing, operating, transforming or reinvigorating their organizations, while simultaneously immersed in the so called UP and OUT.  We also assist leaders in developing and applying steady state and crisis decision making processes to ensure the critical DOWN and IN requirements of the organization are performed in a coherent, deliberate and synchronized manner.

Our Team

We are diverse Champion Leaders! We have built, led and shaped large multi-million/billion dollar cross functional organizations of stature, often in harrowing times.

We are dedicated professionals helping our clients achieve fulfillment. We come from backgrounds for which you dedicate yourself to your organization and to each other, and you are always striving for new heights. We understand that life often throws you a curve, that the path is rarely straight and at times unchartered; but you dig deep, build your resilience, forge ahead and bring others with you.

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Disabled Veteran Owned and Operated Business

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Let us get your team fit to climb and develop your Summit Route! Contact our team for a free 45-minute consultation (719) 663-4808. Also, find me on LinkedIn.

Mark D. Scraba
President and CEO, 29K Leaders